Welcome to my homepage

Hello there! I am Paul Anthony Webb and an amalgam of nouns: architech, dreamer, MMBN fanatic, lefty, musician, Earth Dragon, Aries, lover of puns and Dad jokes, and just a general purveyor of awesome shit.


Cupertino, CA is my new home.

I'm working with an awesome agency for a certain produce company.

I am part of the first podcast to be added to a permanent collection in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture (Black Panther film roundtable episode).

Webbring · Friends & acquaintances I find interesting

Code · Open-source things I'm not (totally) ashamed to share

Webbsites · Experiences I've built

  • Beachfront · Domain name portfolio management. Kinda abandoned but still works.
  • Chew · Server-side analytics because we all use blockers.
  • ChronVer · SemVer doesn't make sense in 20XX so I made ChronVer.
  • dsgn. · A design agency I made with Jesse Youngblood. Give us money and you'll be happy.
  • hikariOS · Splash page for my operating system. Why are you smirking?
  • Ideas Never Cease · Parent company for my (obviously) endless ideas.
  • Lefty World · Lefties, our time has come!
  • Socii · I'm building a social network. Stop laughing.
  • Webb Blog · I write from time to time.
  • Webb Page · You're already here!
  • WEÖM · Wisdom Escapes Ordinary Minds...coming (back) soon
Me, as an emoji